Dr S. Kabbani MD, MSc Hygienology,MSc Gen. Medicine, Consultant adviser, in Homeopathic Holistic healings


Dr Susan Kabbani was born in Syria. She studied in the Greek university of Athens, department of Medicine with specialization in General Family Medicine.

She speaks fluently Arabic, English, and Greek

She practices classic Medicine since 2001 and Homeopathy, with experience in many fields, (Endocrinology, Metabolic Bone Diseases, "Pain Confrontation" and "Treatment of Athletic Injuries"), and homeopathic holistic healings (Gemmotherapy, Mesotherapy etc). In particularly for Neurology diseases-disorders (Autism, Cerebral palsy, Multiple sclerosis, etc) Autoimmune Diseases. Dr Kabbani also practices Mesotherapy in Cosmetic, and pain treatment.

The acquired knowledge and experience has given me the necessary assessment to improve, and evaluate more accurately the disorders causes of illness for each and every particular patient. Moreover have been of great assistance to me in order to provide a specific combination of detoxifying drugs and supplements much more accurate to each individual patient qualitatively and quantitatively, combined with the homeopathic medicine-drug, providing Holistic healing. My interest as a Dr is based on treating my patients successfully and with safety, which derives from alternative medicine ways much more than classical methods.