Alternative healing tourism



Special revitalizing and anti-aging touristic programs   


Original package

This program is addressed to people who wish to improve their immunity system and health in General.  Our healing programs are based on the principles of "Cognitive Homeopathy Medicine" methods which are based on the original developed system of Dr Loukas MD,PhD and his scientific team. The Holistic bioresonance screening and tests are carried out with Bioresonance technical devices. (They work depending on the energetic analyzing testing system which is based and works by measuring electrical resistance and polarization through Biofeedback Process). Special programs have been developed in the software some of the devices, based on the Loukas Systems.

It includes special treatment programs regulated day to day with activated portable Bioresonance technology devices, homeopathic remedies, herbs and more. There is the possibility to benefit from the healing capacities of the (activated) portable devices in private rooms. 


Each patient is granted with Bio-resonance devices to adjust their special physical and psychological characteristics

  • Explanation of the characteristics that require rebalancing

Given Homeopathy treatments and other relative healing methods and procedures, depend on patient’s special needs, to achieve balance, as well as during their stay in *

  • Explanations exist  in Arabic language as well


Primary original 1st Visit package includes

1st day primary screening synthetic Diagnosis, seminars and learning

2nd day relaxation procedures (2hrs)

3rd day detoxification methods, herbs etc. (2hrs)

4th day how to eat energy healthy food (2hrs)


The first 3 days mentioned above also include energy treatments.

All remaining days each patient will enjoy daily regulated treatment systems by Bioresonance Energy Regulatory Techniques, special herbs therapies and homeopathic remedies. Duration approximately 2hrs depending on personal needs *


Cost of primary 10 days original package for 1st visit, 620 Euros

Cost of primary 7 days original package for 1st visit, 500 Euros


Cost of secondary 5 day’s package following the primary original visits, 380 Euros



Special healing tourism programs to improve mental abilities**

Is addressed to business executives, students, pupils, and whoever wishes to learn how to improve their memory and learning skills.

 Healing tourism programs for illnesses and special conditions**.                

They can be applied to conditions such as allergies, painful syndromes, mild gastrointestinal disturbances, fertility, anxiety manifestations, aesthetic energy treatments, and many other conditions.

For more severe cases all visits MUST last for 14 days.


Each patient will be given daily therapy suitable for his/her energetic treatment.


Some patients, whose needs require more specific cures, may have to repeat their visit accordingly, as well.


A portable activated bio-resonance healing device can be given to each individual for home usage, at the end of the healing package, if he wishes to (price not included in the package).

*Notice that all packages have flexible time-schedule and programs. Changes can be made according to special conditions related to the nature of energetic therapies and personal needs.

 If you are in the touristic field already (accommodation, travel agencies etc.) and want to expand in the field of alternative and healing tourism, please feel free to contact us.