Healing and Wellbeing

Healing and well-being tourism programs


Cognitive Homeopathy diagnosis with Loukas bio resonance systems. Explanation of psychological characteristics that require rebalancing. Granting homeopathy treatment for a period of six months.

  1. Granting to each patient a bio-resonance device to adjust their psychological characteristics during their stay.
  2. Learning relaxation procedures.
  3. Learning detoxification methods.
  4. Other relative healing methods and procedures, depending on patient’s need.


The length of stay is 14 days for the first visit and one week for the next visits.

This can be applied to conditions such as allergies, painful syndromes, mild gastrointestinal disturbances, anxiety manifestations, etc.


Healing tourism programs for illnesses

  • For more severe conditions all visits last 14 days.
  • Each patient is given a daily therapy with the electrodes of the Asyra Loukas system or other available treatment systems.
  • Each patient is also given a portable bio-resonance machine.
  • Some patients, whose life is at risk, may have to repeat their visit once every three months.


Special revitalizing and anti-aging healing tourism programs

These are addressed to people with very weak immune system.

  • Includes special treatment programs each day with bio-resonance machines (also have there is the possibility to benefit from the healing capacities of the Bio resonance technology (activated) in the privacy of your room.
  • Treatment with homeopathic remedies; moreover, a portable bio-resonance device is given to each person to take it home.
  • It goes without saying that relaxation and detoxification of the original package apply to all packages.


Special healing tourism programs to improve mental abilities

Is addressed to pupils, students, business executives and whoever wishes to learn how to improve their memory and learning skills.


* Relaxation and detoxification of the original package applies to all packages.


If you are a tourism business (accommodation, travel agencies etc.) already doing business or want to expand in the field of alternative and healing tourism contact us.