Dr Dafopoulos Nikolaos

Dafopoulos Nikolaos was born in 1946 in Thessaloniki. In 1970 he graduated from the French School from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. However his interest in natural healing ways and his love for life lead him to devote himself in a holistic way of living. In 1992 he graduated from the Center of Research and Education Orthobiologic “Life and action” in Nice – France (CE.R.ED.OR) acquiring the diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics advisor.

In 1995 he created and directed the Prefectural Centre of Health education in Arta in which he served until 2007 as the Centre of Health Education responsible.

From 1996 until 1999 he served as responsible coordinator of the program “meaning in our lives” against drugs.

In 1997 he created and directed the Drug Prevention Center in Arta

Today he lives in a farm where he applies all his knowledge and his way of living. He keeps on studying the way of life and nutrition of mankind, alternative healing methods, ways of tackling pollution, organic farming providing his knowledge and advice when asked. He is Master Reiki, Quantum energy healer, E.F.T and Alexander Loyd’s code practitioner.

He has published the following books:

Thessis on “Stress effects on digestive function” Suggestions for prevention Nice – France 1992

Communication techniques in health education – Nutritional regimen – Our children’s breakfast” Prefecture of Arta publications – cooperation with the University of Crete Department of social medicine, March 1996

“Your food as your medicine” Agrotiki Bank of Greece publications, Arta April 1996

“Education and disease prevention” Prefecture of Arta publications August 1996

“Teacher’s book: primary nutritional disease prevention” Prefecture of Arta publications August 1997