Materia Medica

"ORGANON MATERIA MEDICA”  is a data bank in which there is information about 3565 homeopathic medicines. 
You can find information in Greek and English. 
It includes the pharmacology of J.T. Kent, W. Boericke, H. Clarke, T. F. Allen, C. Hering, S.H.Talcot, E.B. Nash, A. Lippe, C. M. Boger and George Loukas. 
The pharmacology folders are 7.054 in total. Each folder contains the specification of a reference for a drug. 
The total number of ORGANON MATERIA MEDICA pages is about 149.473 pages of which 136.285 relating to the series "Homeopathic Pharmacology Notes" of G.Loukas.

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